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Feel the HEAT Affiliate Program

Join the Program Ė It's Easy!
Itís easy making money when you join our "Feel the HEAT" Affiliate Program. We do all the work for you - all order taking, packaging, inventory, advertising and shipping.

Refer Customers Ė Give them 10% off!
All you have to do is refer customers to our online store. We track your referrals by giving you a personal Affiliate number. Your referrals get 10% off products they purchase using your Affiliate number.

Get Paid $$$ for Every Seat Sold!
Hereís where you make the MONEY. Every time a customer makes a purchase through our online store using your Affiliate number, you get PAID! You will receive $5 for every standard toilet seat and $10 for every heated toilet seat purchased (less any returns). It canít get any easier then that!

Itís a Win-Win opportunity
UltraTouch toilet seats are not just easy to sell, they are also the best darn toilet seats made at any price!

But wait, that's not all, the program goes furtherÖ
If you make the extra effort and sell a retail business on UltraTouch, you will receive a 10% commission on EVERY order the retail business places with us.

UltraTouch Seats Sell, So Get Started Today and Make Some MONEY!

Here's how to get started:

  1. Sign up either for our FREE Basic kit or purchase our Pro UltraTouch Affiliate Program Kit which includes 4 heated toilet seats at a 36% savings to you. You can use the seats yourself, as samples, or resell them as you wish!

  2. You will receive an Affiliate number that you will give out as part of your referrals. To encourage sales, your Affiliate number will give your referrals a 10% discount on products they purchase from our online store. Your Affiliate number can be used over and over again!

  3. You will receive $5.00 for every standard toilet seat and $10.00 for every heated toilet seat that is purchased online using your Affiliate number. Make MONEY every month that your Affiliate number was used to purchase seats. Payments will be made monthly and will be minus any returns.

Just refer people to our website with your 10% off Affiliate number, we handle the rest, it's that easy!

So get started TODAY! It's a Win-Win Program, $$$ for you & 10% off for people you referred!

As an example, if 10 people that you refer purchase 2 heated seats each using your Affiliate number, you will receive a check for $200!

Give out your Affiliate number to as many people as you can! Your Affiliate number can be used on as many purchases as people wish to make!

(Note: Your Affiliate number will become inactive after 1 year of non-use. Simply contact us to have it reactivated. Only 1 Affiliate number will be issues per Affiliate account. For questions, send email to Affiliate Coordinator using our contact page.)

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