UltraTouch Electrically Heated Toilet Seats - A New Way of Thinking...

UltraTouch - Quick Release Hinge
UltraTouch - Antimicrobial agents built right in!
UltraTouch - Family safe low voltage

Treat yourself and your family to the gift of warm buns with an UltraTouch Heated Toilet Seat!

bg_bullet_full_1.gif UltraTouch standard and heated toilet seats are Easy to Clean by design because of the unique Quick Release Hinge.

UltraTouch standard and heated toilet seats have a Soft or Comfort Touch feel and will stay Ultra Fresh with their permanent antimicrobial agents that are molded into the seat surface.

The UltraTouch heated toilet seats use an economical low-voltage safety sealed 12 volt thermal circuit to heat the seat to a comfortable 20 to 25 degrees above room temperature. This makes UltraTouch toilet seats very Family Friendly and Safe!

Feel the HEAT

Keep an eye out for our "Honk... If you like warm buns!" Delivery Truck

UltraTouch Heat Toilet Seat Truck

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