Product Overview

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UltraTouch is an entirely new toilet seat!

UltraTouch is made with a completely unique soft elastomer surface that is super comfortable and warmer to the touch, when compared to any ordinary seat.

The Comfort Touch surface and ergonomically contoured shape make UltraTouch seats truly one of the most comfortable seats you can buy.

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Round Seat

Ultra Fresh

UltraTouch seats are protected with Ultra Fresh, a permanent built-in antimicrobial agent that resists the growth of odor-causing bacteria, fungi, molds and mildew.

Ultra-Fresh properties effectively preserve product freshness and resistance to deterioration and discoloration caused by bacteria and fungi.

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Quick Release Hinge

UltraTouch seats have a quick release hinge and lid feature, allowing the lid and seat to be quickly removed from the toilet for the ultimate in easy cleaning. Features such as this are usually found only on much higher priced seats.

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Easy to Clean - Sturdy Construction

The UltraTouch seat is a high quality rigid molded product. UltraTouch is made with the best quality materials including stainless steel hinge pins. The seat is constructed by molding a soft thermoplastic elastomer material on the seating surface over a molded structural core. The lid and the structural core are rigid and similar to a conventional seat. Both the soft elastomer seating surface and the lid are extremely durable and easy to clean with any common household cleaner.

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